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Welcome to French's Equine Rehabilitation Centre

French’s Equine Rehabilitation Centre is located in the heart of Suffolk and is the base for Jann Turner’s lifelong practice of work which is dedicated to the recovery, care, management and re-training of horses.

French’s tranquil, rural setting is the ideal place for your horse to relax and recover where our peaceful environment offers the best opportunities for horses to be re-trained. Our facilities and livery services make us an excellent choice for owners wishing to enjoy their horses for pleasure or for competition.

Jann Turner has worked in the equine industry as a profession since 1973, starting out as ‘Head Girl’ at numerous Hunting, Polo, Dressage, Competition and Breeding yards. Jann has also bred, backed and competed on her own horses as well as others that were brought in for backing and producing for competition at National level. Furthermore, Jann has competed up to Intermediate Level Eventing as well as having a successful career in affiliated Showjumping and Dressage. This was only made possible by the coaching by top professionals such as Jennie Loriston-Clarke, Jane Holderness-Roddam and Stephen Hadley to name a few.

Jann’s profile also includes:
  • Running her own successful and busy competition yard
  • Running her own horse transportation business for 17 years
  • Being the owner of a successful saddlery in Essex
  • Giving regular lectures and demonstrations throughout the country
  • Judging Dressage and Showing classes at Riding Club shows
  • Teaching Showjumping & Cross-Country clinics at Towerlands, Norton Heath, Harwood Hall and Berwick Farm Stamford Rivers.
  • Designing, setting-up and managing a multi-million pound, state of the art Equine Centre specialising in rehabilitation.

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Jann holds certificates in a variety of therapies including The Bowen Technique,
Anatomy, Physiology and Massage, Equine Manual Lymphatic Drainage and is an associate member of the British Holistic Veterinary Medical Association.

Jann is also a qualified Human Bowen Therapist, an NLP Coach, Time line Therapy and Hypnosis Therapist, a therapist in
Equine and Canine Aromatherapy & Kinesiology and Health Management. Jann is also a Reiki Master and has certificates in Equine Shiatsu, Equine Cranial Sacral Therapy and has been involved in and studied Tellington Touch, along with other methods of behavioral training. Jann is also the first and at present the only person in the UK to have qualified in Berlin with a Specialist German Veterinary team headed by Prof.Dr.B.V.Rautenfeld in Equine Lymphatic Drainage.

Jann regularly attends professional development courses, and continues to keep up to date with the latest research, equipment and techniques available. This includes attending annual conferences for
Equine Physiotherapists at the Royal Veterinary College.

French's Farm, Pond Hall Road, Hadleigh, Suffolk IP7 5PQ
Tel: 01473 833944 M: 07747 755556
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