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Derrickā€™s story

I was called in to help Derrick the goat on Easter Saturday.

The owners were desperate for my help as Derrick was unwell and unable to stand or walk; he had no control over his legs at all,to the degree of not even being able to adjust his legs while lying down. Problems had affected his nervous system and there had been a breakdown in the communication to his limbs. Vets had visited him 8 days before and the owners were told it was touch and go if he would live. To try and help, the owner had allowed one of his goat friends to visit him while he was lying sick, in hope it would give him encouragement to keep fighting to live.

When I arrived, Selina the owner took me to a stable where Derrick was being nursed. It was full of straw; he was lying down with bales around him with a heat lamp and a blanket over him. Selina was there with her daughter and they told me the two of them had to lift and hold Derrick up so that he could go to the toilet or change his position. Food and water were given by hand whilst he was lying, he was being helped 24/7. I asked them to lift him up in a standing position so that I could do some Bowen and healing on him.

After I left Selina told me, his ears had been ice cold over the last 8 days and they had instantly gone warm to the tip after I had finished, she said he curled up in a ball and went into a relaxed sleep; this was the start of some big changes in Derrick. The following morning, they stood him up to change his position and he tried to charge past them to get out onto the yard with his goat friends. Selina said his legs went in every direction and he fell over a few times, but they helped him back up and stayed close by.

I came back to help Derrick with another treatment and healing on the Bank Holiday Monday afternoon, two days after my first visit, to find him happily walking around the yard with his goat friends. He was still a little shaky behind but he could get up, lie down and walk around unaided. Selina and her family were ecstatic and amazed at the speed of his recovery after my help.

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Derrick on Bank Holiday Monday two days after treatment and healing was given by Jann.

Selina and her family said that I had performed a miracle on Derrick.

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