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Case Study One

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"When this point-to-pointer was presented to me I was told that he had stopped jumping and was very stiff and reluctant to be ridden and no amount of feed was improving his weight. I found him to be in poor physical condition, poor coat, stressed, depressed and in extreme physical pain. When I started working on him I found the pain to be throughout his body, but especially in his poll, withers and mid-back. He literally climbed up the side of the lorry to escape the most gentle touch from my hands."

"This photo was taken 2 weeks after my first treatment. I requested that no riding, work or grooming was to take place in between my visits. I found him to be softer in his eye, relaxed, and he welcomed my hands onto his body. His coat had changed, he had filled out and looked a completely different shape, but most noticeable was the change in his withers. The surrounding muscle had doubled in size and hair had started to grow."

"Without having to say too much, this picture speaks volumes. After only 3 treatments George was ready to start a fresh and regulated program of work. His circulation and muscle tone improved which had a knock on effect to his coat and condition. "

This was achieved solely by Jann's use of the Bowen Therapy and expert advice.

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