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Case Study Two

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"This black horse was presented to me as he was reluctant to work, did not want to go forward and felt wooden to ride. He had just been groomed when I took this first photo. I found him to be depressed and lethargic (which is clearly apparent in this photo), lacking condition in muscle and coat and tight throughout his body. I requested this horse was not be be worked, ridden or groomed for two weeks whilst he was receiving care from me."

"What a different picture this is. He has been groomed for the first time when I arrived after 2 weeks of leaving this horse alone for the Bowen Technique to work. His coat gleamed, he was bright and interested in life again and felt supple and ready to go. The straight jacket of tightness had been released and his bloody supply had improved muscle tone and coat and he had a spring back in his step!

A fantastic picture of a healthy horse after only two weeks of Bowen."

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