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Simone Booty
"William came to French’s late on a cold Friday evening in Feb 2012. I had called Jann in a panic as Will had been in the vets for 4 days with a lameness problem, which was finally diagnosed with changes to his near fore suspensory ligament and needed to be on box rest for 3 months. There was no way that he would have coped with being on box rest at the yard we were at, without doing himself some serious. It was a very busy yard and he was already stressed, underweight and not eating enough due to the yard being very active and having a bad tempered mare next to him that bullied him through the stable bars! Thankfully, Jann immediately said she would get a stable ready for him and we could come down whenever we got there, no matter how late. We finally arrived very late. Will had been unsettled due to my driving skills and came off dripping in sweat, but thankfully, it was just as Jann had described, peaceful, relaxed with very content horses on the yard, even with a late arrival. Will, who can become stressed at times, went into his ‘massive’ stable like he had spent his whole life there and tucked into the gorgeous smelling haylage net that Jann had ready for him. To watch my horse tuck into a haynet so contently was wonderful, he hadn’t done this for months. I left that night knowing my little boy was happy in his new luxury home, with the biggest bed I have ever seen in a stable.
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From the moment I arrived at French’s everyone was friendly and made us feel so welcome. The yard is well run with a good routine which is important for Will. This was the first time since owning Will that I had left him and would only be able to see him weekends because it was going to be too far for me to come to each day. But as Will had already made friends with Jann from his Bowen treatments, I knew he was in safe hands since he had trusted her from the day he met her, which is rare for him to be relaxed with strangers. Jann stayed in regular contact with me, letting me know how he was doing and how his walks were going, which made me feel at ease knowing he was being looked after as well as what I would do. Every now and then Will would have a moment in his stable, as he was getting a bit frustrated seeing everyone go out, but Jann’s staff always knew what to do to keep him calm and relaxed and gradually these became few and far between. Will soon realised this wasn’t just any yard. It was one that he could be totally relaxed in, and quickly became ‘Lord of the Manor’ having everyone run around to his needs and giving him one to one attention. His cheeky nature started to come out and he would often turn his bum round to Jann so he could get a quick massage in before rug change. He also mastered the stare at feeding time, just in case he was missed out, but no chance there. The one-to-one attention Will has received has been a great comfort for me and if anything was needed/asked of, then I would get a message straight away about his preference, as Jann’s main priority was that Will remained happy.

Will before - Click to enlarge

After a month’s box rest and advice from his vet it was decided that he could be turned out in a small field. Well, Lord of the Manor certainly got what he wanted, his own private secluded garden, away from the distraction of the other horses. It was right behind the yard so an eye could always be kept on him, and I expect he was doing the same! When he wanted to come in, he put on his best starring act, so he was brought in straight away. Every effort was made to work around what was best for Will to keep him calm at all times. I don’t know any yard that would do this much for one horse, whilst still looking after all the other horses. From about the 3rd week, we all started to notice how healthy Will was looking and what a good job he was doing munching down his haylage nets. I now proudly show his picture around as my BIG TB. Each weekend I see him I swear he gets bigger, he has literally bloomed and I only hope that we can maintain it. Even my farrier has said he hasnever seen him look so well and his feet seem to be growing quicker than ever. No one can believe he hasn’t been in work for 4 months as it’s the best he has ever looked.

Will has never had much interaction with other horses and has always been independent and carefree when it comes to being with others. I was amazed that a recent trip to the vets resulted at him whinnying all the way down the drive and getting responses and the same on his way back; he has never been so vocal in the lorry! He has started to learn that other horses aren’t that scary, and has even made lots of friends; the best being his budding romance with Faith Healer, a rescued ex-race horse. After being bullied by a mare I never thought I’d see him smooching over the door with her less than 24 hours after she arrived. He told me he was just reassuring her life was good at French’s but I saw the sparkle in his eye!

Will after - Click to enlarge

I would never have been able to leave my horse full time on any other yard as I needed to trust the staff 100%, that they would look after him as well as what I could. Will can be quite demanding at times and a calm person was needed to deal with him and I had never been convinced I’d find anyone that could do it as well as I did, but Jann and her staff have all treated him the way I would and nothing is too much trouble; if Will is happy than they are happy. Jann has always helped and given me advice if I’ve been unsure of something. I have felt truly supported by Jann through this whole time and this is something I will miss the most having someone as experienced and professional as Jann to turn to.

Deciding that our time had to come to an end at French’s was a difficult choice. We have both been so happy here and Will has improved every day, but due to the distance and my London commute to work it would be impossible for me to see him daily and for me having a horse is all about looking after them myself. This isn’t the last French’s have seen from Will, he will be back for any holidays and regular visits. (PS, he won’t be going back to his old yard).

I can’t thank Jann and her team enough for the effort they have put in to looking after my boy, without this move and the care he has received at French’s I very much doubt he would be looking so fantastic and certified as sound after only 3 months."

Heather Stennett - Stennett
Heather is a Suffolk based International show jumper who has consistently been placed in the top 100 British Show jumping riders league table for many years. Heather has had a successful career from an early age, competing locally on the junior circuit to winning a gold medal for the Young Riders team at the Home International. Heather has expanded Stennett Equestrian for 20 years, where she has bought, broken and trained horses to International level, including her top horse Dire Strait. Heather now jumps successfully at International level across the UK and Europe and has competed in prestigious classes such as the Hickstead Speed Derby and at HOYS. Heather has sold horses to owners countrywide as well as to the likes of Italian operatic tenor, Luciano Pavarotti.

Heather’s first encounter of Jann and the Bowen Technique was almost 10 years ago. To follow the full story of how Jann has made a difference to all of Heathers horses read more
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“It all began when Jann came to my yard in Felixstowe to look at one of my young jumpers; Ratty. This mare was an exceptional jumper and was very successful across the country, however one day a large lump appeared on the side of her withers which was affecting her way of going. A livery client had told me about the work Jann does, and I was indeed very sceptical of the Bowen Technique since it was like nothing I had ever heard about before, but after employing various chiropodists, physiotherapists and chiropractors that were unsuccessful in curing this lump on Ratty I decided to give Jann a go. As Jann began the treatment she explained how the therapy would work, how the horses� body would react and what I was and was not allowed to do with the mare for the next week. I immediately thought that Jann was talking non-sense until right before me she managed to get the lump on Ratty’s withers to disappear. Not only did the lump disappear, but Ratty’s whole way of going changed twofold. She began to come straight into her fences, stopped her tail swishing and found the height of the fences easy, where before she was struggling to make the height and distances and approached each fence crooked. The horse yawned a few times during the treatment and the lump never returned. After this I had every confidence in Jann’s field of expertise.

Since this initial case study I have put my trust in Jann to work on a number of my horses, for example an extremely poor 2 year old gelding that came into my yard only days away from death. With regular treatments from Jann and good management from my team in his early career, we managed to turn around the future of this horse and greatly improve his quality of life. The horse and his owner now enjoy a great life of local show jumping and eventing.

Another example of a horse that Jann has worked on was Ann Skeets Dutch gelding, Napardie. This horse jumped successfully in the International arena throughout his life, however towards the latter stages of his career he developed very bad navicular joints and had five kissing spines. My own vet said that this horse should not have physically been able to walk or trot properly; however with veterinary treatment and regular Bowen Therapy from Jann, Napardie enjoyed a successful and competitive jumping career up until the grand age of 13.

I believe that to be a professional in this industry you must have a strong and trustworthy team of people behind you ranging from vets and farriers to physiotherapists. It has been explicitly noted by my own Sports Vet that he is able to feel a positive difference in a horse that Jann has treated with the Bowen Therapy opposed to one that has not. This speaks volumes for the authenticity of the technique and Jann’s field of expertise.”

To find out more about Heather and her horses please visit her website at

Sam Weight
“Jann Turner has worked on my horses with The Bowen Technique since 2006 as well as giving me help and advice during all medical situations along side my Vet. Jann has made a dramatic impact on my horses comfort and way of going with regular Bowen Treatments and her experience.

My young horse ‘Coburn’ was backed in spring 2011 and he has regular maintenance treatments which coincide with his progressive training, which is improving his way of going in leaps and bounds. I have complete confidence in Jann and her wide span of knowledge and abilities with horses. Jann always works quietly and gently with the horses and they soon become very relaxed in her presence. It is quite amazing to watch the rapport that goes on between Jann and the horse throughout their treatment.

I can totally rely on Jann giving good advice, being on the end of the phone and being quick to help any of my animals in their time of need. I would not hesitate to recommend Jann as I believe she is excellent at her job and I know quite a few horses and people who would agree with me!”

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